Artist info


Electronic, Metal, Rock

Sounds like

In Hearts Wake, Blessthefall, Breakdown of Sanity, For All Eternity

band members

Tom Kiely, Declan Le Tessier, Rory Venville


What started as an idea between vocalist Tom Kiely and guitarist Dylan Bond in their parents garage, has grown into an idea and force beyond even their own expectation.
With the ultimate hunger to create heavy music with meaning, the band officially formed in early 2015, with the release of the self-produced EP ‘Imbalance’. Despite being independently recorded and distributed - moved to #4 on the metal charts for several weeks due to the strong local and national fan support.

With the acts intense approach to ensuring as many people hear their music as possible - the group built attention across social media while continuing to refine their sound and push themselves heavily through the Perth music scene.

As the band formed and finalised a full lineup, opportunities to play with the countries premier heavy acts (including Capture the Crown on several occasions, Buried in Verson, Confession, Belle Haven, Hand of Mercy, Iconoclast and more) presented themselves quickly - as the group quickly garnered a reputation for their energetic and passionate live performances.

Combining the bands brand of passionate metal core and orchestral/electronic influences with melodic choruses and soaring guitar leads, a sophmore EP beckons as the group hopes to continue establishing themselves.