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Indie, Rock

band members

Paul Blart - Vocals Blart 1 - Drums Blart 2 - Guitar Blart 3 - Guitar Blart 4 - Bass Blart 5 - Trumpet



So, do you enjoy the 2009 Kevin James film Paul Blart Mall Cop eh??
Fantastic! This band has absolutely no reference to that whatsoever..
Paul Blart & Blart Blart’s are a mistake formed from an incidental jam last December between a collection of housemates in Sydney. Originally gifting the world with a Christmas song “A Very Blarty Christmas”, the joke has managed to outlive the festive season and is continuing to celebrate into 2020.
The sound is.. something. Think AC/DC at their worst with ska trumpet for good measure and a Nick Cave wannabe in a K-Hole all swirling in some stinky blues rock, post punk pulpit.
With the new release of "(Not) Bowling For Love” - a ballad of tenderness, earnestness and 10 pin bowling, the act is beginning to hit the stage much more frequently.
The live set is reminiscent of a carnival that has left a few days prior to your arrival and all that remains are drunken clowns and animal shit.
So what more do you want? Come join the Blarty.