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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Enrique Iglesias , Justin Bieber, John Lennon

band members

Pavan Mallawarachchi-Lead Vocals


Enrique Iglesias, Justin Bieber , Milton Mallawarachchi


Pavan Mallawarachchi is a Australian Based Singer, Songwriter and Co-Producer. Heavily influenced by his own Family, Grandfather Milton Mallawarachchi A Famous Legend of a Artist in Srilanka Releasing over 20 Albums and Pavan's Dad Ranil Mallawarachchi another Legend Singer in Srilanka also releasing over 10 albums. Pavan has Developed a Young talent from young age, showing his talents to crowds is what he does best. Equally comfortable from singing with acoustic guitars or backed by street dancers. He has sung to crowds of 5000-7000. Pavan Was Born in Colombo, Srilanka in 1999 and Moved with His family to Melbourne, Australia at the age of 10. Pavan's Interest to music Started at Young Age, Seeing his Father Perform (Ranil Mallawarachchi) he dreamed of this, Australia was the best place for it. Pavan's Dream is to be a International Singer. Pavan Also play 2 more Instruments - Guitar and Clarinet and also is a Self-Learned Pianist playing by ear. Pavan also has a Dream to Get a Record Deal and get a his mom and Dad a Huge House. Pavan Enters Singing Competitions to show off his talents, crowds will get stunned to hear his delicate voice. Pavan's other ambitions include to be a Pilot/Aviation Engineer. Pavan did some cover songs in mid October, these songs went within the Srilankan community and he got booked for over 5 shows. After October, 2012 was looking great even 2013 is looking busy (Srilanka Tour). Passing his 1st Grade AMEB (A internationally Acclaimed Music Examination) with a Very High Note he is Looking to take it further Pavan is Now on the line on releasing his first single, keep in touch with this space for the music video and it's information. Aside from his music, Pavan enjoys a reputation as a person of the highest moral values and integrity