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Indie, Rock, Roots

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Gillian, Steve, James, Leti, Bobbo, Grace



Sydney’s newest alt-country outfit Peachfield are pushing through with their 2020 plans despite all odds, signalled by their latest music video Map Drawn From Memory, featuring the band CGI animated.  

Attaining community radio love across Australia since its release July 1, Map Drawn From Memory would normally have been accompanied by a local tour. But like many musicians across Australia, Peachfield haven’t been able to perform since the lockdown. 

“We haven’t all been in the same room,“ explains songwriter Robert F Cranny. “In our new music video, director Brett Knight was able to bring us all together in animated form to perform for an audience of friendly barnyard critters!” 

Peachfield began in a two-story terrace, but sings with an affection for all of the places you might call home. Spearheaded by songwriter Robert F Cranny, they began recording their first tracks, garnering a reputation for intimate and engaging live performances in local Sydney pubs. They are particularly proud of their part in bringing live music back to Sydney venues, including their local pub, the Glengarry Castle Hotel, Redfern.

“At the start of last summer, we convinced our local pub to let us play two sets on a bustling Saturday afternoon, following the footy tipping presentation”, Cranny recalls, “It was such a great afternoon that the pub instantly bought a PA and began booking gigs on Saturday and Sunday arvos. We were really proud of being the inspiration for that”.

Peachfield’s songs are set in country pubs, inner city laneways, outback highways and university towns, to which their latest single and video pays homage. 

Situated in an abandoned country railway station, the video for Map Drawn From Memory nods to some of the members who retreated during the pandemic. “The pub shut. Members scattered. Some retreated to the Blue Mountains and away up the coast. We were just fortunate that we had recorded these new songs and had a plan to release them”, says Cranny.

“We had live footage from the pub shows which we used in previous clips but we wanted something warm but vast for this song. Landscapes instead of saloon bars”.

Growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs Cranny recalls dreams of moving into the inner city and getting a foothold in the indie rock scene, in which he would go on to make a name for himself. 

“I wasn’t the only one with the dream and it was a long time before I had any real money to go home with at Christmas and buy the old man a beer”, Cranny reflects, “and somehow justify the path I took to those who thought it was just plain crazy.”

Map Drawn From Memory is about growing up in an outer suburb or a country town and making the choice of building a life where your roots are or taking a chance out in the wider world.” Cranny wrote the song with two characters in mind, "One stayed put and the other took their shot in the big smoke.”