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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Pentagram

band members

Joshua Waddell-bass, Adam Winzer-guitars/vox, Cameron Cairnes-drums/vox, Gerasimos Grammenos-vox/guitar


Stevie Wonder, Led Zepplin, Hendrix etc, Pink Floyd, ZZTop

Unearthed artists we like



theTom We've have been around for a few years now, playing the local scene and even gracing the stage at Meredith in 2005, under the monika of Peeping Tom. Under this name we cut our teeth and were blessed with some outrageous good fortune, including having played with the likes of ELectric Wizard, Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge, Clutch, Rollerball, Forte, Legends of Motor Sport, Mustang, Cockfight Shootout, The Spazzys, Hoss, The Specimens, The Blacklist, Monstrous Blues, Dung and that really does name but a few! With the realisation that the name has a host of lives the world over, we're gunning for a name change. Until further notice, we shall be theTom, the one and only. On the cusp of releasing our next long player, we've got a full length album and an ep under the belt allready. Unsigned and unfettered, our next album will be available on vinyl ( double vinyl! ) and cd of course, which is no mean feat. Bon apetite and hope to see you all over the summer. Viva la Rock Revolution!