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People Luminous is an east coast collective of creative individuals with a new vision for the evolution of music and culture in Australia. They create content that reflects their lifestyle and it’s as simple as that. Their authenticity comes from collaboration and real life, PL is the community.
The members of PL form from an extended background, Gold Coast is their home but they’ve come from across Australia, New Zealand and the world to be here. Roots reaching from multi genres and influences make up their sound. Gold Coast is not an area to sleep on, while you’ve been distracted by schoolies and theme parks the creative industries have been booming.
Following a sold out debut performance in March 2018 PL paused to strategise and refine. Looking at what is important to them individually and collectively plays a big part in this powerhouse of a movement. They originally came to be over a group dinner with an idea and a vision, they remember this meal as the end of differences and the beginning of oneness. They are the new disciples of hip hop in Australia and their goals are clearer than ever. Tell your friends about the people.