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Indie, Pop



Sounds like

The Beatles, George Harrison, The Beach Boys

band members

Chris Chen Thomas Allison Sky Eaton


The Beatles, Brian Wilson, George Harrison, The Beach Boys

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The Money War, Camarano



The Peppermint Club's debut album is a masterwork of pastel-hued pop. Heartfelt and dreamy, each song is an intricately constructed soundscape – threading lush, airy vocals through a textured fabric of ethereal, neo-psychedelic rock. From its uplifting opener All Together On The Sun, through to its stunning Harrison-esque finale Passing Through Your World, the album is as much a journey as it is a collection of songs.

Formed in Perth by Chris Chen (ex-Rainy Day Women) The Peppermint Club has evolved from an aspiring studio project into a stunning band. Their first single, 2017's Everything Is Changing, was awash in breezy vocal harmonies and a genuine, almost-nostalgic emotion. In an instant, The Peppermint Club established themselves as something far beyond a typical new band... and from that starting point would go on to create one of the most ambitious debut albums of recent years.

Produced by Chris Chen and accomplished multi-instrumentalist Daniel Henry, the album is meticulously put together. Each song is not just a passing moment but a foundational brick in the greatness of the album; powerful on its own, yet inherently linked to the record as a whole. There are gentle ups and downs, but an overall steadiness and confidence that bears the unmistakable mark of sincerity. These songs have clearly come from someone's soul.

Enlisting some of the city's best upcoming players, Chen has put together a band as capable on stage as they are in the studio. In turn, the band have brought his sophisticated musical vision to life – delivering every song with all the polish and finesse they deserve. From composition to execution, everything has come together the way it was supposed to. All that remains now is to set the album out into the world, then follow wherever it leads.