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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Perception Shift

band members

Daniel: Guitar/Vocals/Bass, Luke: Guitar/Vocals, Adam: Drums/Bass


alternative, Anything that catches our ears


Together for around a year now, Perception Shift are an Alternative Rock band from Western Sydney. Most of their music can't be tied to one genre alone, playing styles between rock, metal, punk, alternative, indie and acoustic to name a few. Perception Shift have spent the last few months recording and rehearsing to bring themselves out and ready for gigs in late 2011 through 2012. They have a few gigs already lined up and hope to have a heap more as time unfolds. The band consists of Daniel - Guitar/Vocals, Luke - Guitar/Vocals and Adam - Drums. A full time bass player has so far eluded them though Daniel and Adam share bass duties on the recordings. Look out for Perception Shift as they continue to secure gigs around Sydney and hopefully beyond.