Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

BRMC, Beck, Teenage Fanclub

band members

Nick Kreisler – Vocals, Nick Beswick - Piano, Rory Toomey - Drums, Paul Hurrell - Guitar, Rob Young - Bass


Velvet Underground, Ride, The Chills


"WAYWARD WAYS sounds just like the kind of understated, unpretentious, unassuming indie rock you'd have heard widely on college radio across the mid-90s - slacker vocals, bouncing hooks, and just a little bit of fuzz to up your buzz. This is all a good thing - a very very good thing. Take a listen to 'The Scots' (pure pop a la Pavement-meets-Ginger-era-Lilys), or 'Chinatown' (like The Model School's Brendan Wixted fronting BRMC) and see for yourself. There's a reason those slackers always seemed so stoked." Wilfred Brandt –