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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Unique, Suze DeMarchi/Baby Animals, Melissa Etheridge

band members

Peta Evans-Taylor (Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, & Electric Triangle); Mike Joey (Drums & Harmonies); Shane Rae (Bass, Harmonies & Sound); Bryan Charlie Murphy (Electric Guitar).


dolly parton, Alice Cooper

Unearthed artists we like

De Jah Dan Dah, Truant



Down to earth Aussie chick with a big voice and even bigger dreams.

“She’s unashamedly sexy and she can sing rock with enough power to light a small town” – Radio Announcer: Craig Hamilton.

Joining national and international (Melbourne based) touring musicians Mike Joey (Drums), Shane Rae (Bass & Sound), and Bryan Charlie Murphy (Electric Guitar). Peta and her newly formed super band have hit the Melbourne scene with a BANG! Each with their own quirky personality and style, their shows and tunes are both visually and aurally encapsulating.

This chameleon of image and tone has won both state & national titles for singing as well as song writing. Rocking socks off both overseas as well as all over Australia including: Hollywood, San Francisco, India, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane Convention Centre, Mt Isa, Alice Springs, and toured Tasmania. Peta has also supported internationally known Irish and Canadian acts such as Damien Leith and Wendy Mathews; and Aussie legends Sarah McLeod (Superjesus), Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd & Russell Morris.



11 Dec 2012


this chick rocks!! love the new song,sneaky sexy lyrics and catchy tunes!

this chick rocks!! love the new song,sneaky sexy lyrics and catchy tunes!



23 Dec 2012


She's got a great sultry voice

She's got a great sultry voice