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Roots, Rock

Sounds like

Don't, know, I

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Pete Donohue


Chris Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Geoff Achison

Unearthed artists we like

Luke Watt, Guesswork, Sockman


Pete Donohue - Starting out learning piano Pete played through the traditional exams and learned music theory. After years of lessons combined with clarinet, violin and trumpet, Pete found his interest in music waning. At age 15 Pete tried out his first acoustic guitar. The love affair continues to this day. Learning from some of Melbourne’s great blues players (Geoff Achison, Dutch Tilders and Fiona Boyes), Pete has been schooled well. Having had a successful solo career of more than 10 years, Pete has also played in prestigious venues around Australia with bands such as Into The Black, Mad Cow, The Milkman’s Children, Peaches & Cream and Pete & AO. Now breaking away and writing his own material, Pete is well versed with many styles of guitar (lap steel, slide, altered tunings). With a bunch of new songs and a new band, look out for Pete Donohue & The View!