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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Crowded House, Neil Finn,, The Whitlams, Powderfinger

band members

Pete Pascoe - Vocal/Piano/Keys Bass, Anthony Reed - Guitar/BVs, Neil Sims - Guitars/Bass, Dan Dew - Drums - Andy Robinson - Drums (This World Album)


Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Neil Finn


Melbourne band, playing dynamic shows and recording whenever we can. The songs are written by Pete, he presents them to the band and they receive the ‘Patient Hum’ treatment: Ants underpins everything with his acoustic guitar, and gritty elec.rhythm guitar. Dan gives it the rock edge on the drums. Neil produces ‘Neil’ leadbreaks and riffs. After this Pete creates new arrangements for the Piano and Keys Bass, in response, while singing the Lead Vocals. Ants chimes in with BVs. Thus arranged, the songs grow on stage until they’re ready to be recorded. It’s a process unto itself, which all enjoy. A typical Pete Pascoe and The Patient Hum gig will include bluesy rockers & quieter ones which grow. The melody and lyrics are punctuated by the band, the overall effect being : the band is ‘in the moment’, always looking to improve, expand on the arrangements.Consequently, the ‘live’ performances of the songs, while loyal to the recorded version, are a step on to somewhere else. Sometimes Bluesy, rocking, or unexpectedly mellow. Obviously the different crowds and venues have an impact : We want people who come to our gig to hopefully feel rewarded with a satisfying genuine ‘live‘ act, with energy. We want to send them home having been entertained and there they hopefully check out the songs online to hear the lyrics more closely and get into the recorded arrangements The band is driven by Pete, who’s passion and dedication to writing songs and sharing them underlies an apparently fairly laidback ‘air’ about the sum of the 4 parts. Pete Pascoe and The Patient Hum's debut album (formerly as 'Pascoe') ‘This World Offers You’.
Insta: @Pete Pascoe and the Patient Hum
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