Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Elliott Smith, Teenage Fanclub, David Bazan

band members

Pete Carr and occasional others


Sunny Day Real Estate, the beatles, Pedro the Lion


Born into a musical family, Peter Carr quickly realised the only way to gain the respect of his siblings was to pick up a guitar. In the years since, having gained experience in numerous bands on various instruments, Peter has honed in on a distinctive solo style. With his emotive and delicate song structures and finely tuned sense of melody, Peter melds a variety of influences, from early love of the beatles to Elliott Smith, into a sound all of his own. Come down and hear his beautiful songcraft and endearingly nervous stage banter at a stage near you. Here is another link where you can check out his 2 albums mistaken and misplaced and his recently recorded acoustic album waterlogged