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nigido, Peter

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All Lyrics/ Music/ Production by Peter Nigido, TOUCH: Peter Nigido - Vocals, Assistant Mix Engineer - Vince Leigh, Co-Produced by James Leigh, (HHWTS): Vocals - Jeremy Bond, Backing Vocals - Sarah Azzopardi and Peter Nigido, Co-Produced by Michael Zammit


The moment, The Hill, the walk



TOUCH Against all odds.. You cracked me open. To reach at my centre bone.. Intruding the pulse of my centre beat. With desire I watch you.. And learn from your every move.. I'll die to touch you.. Until death will I try. Behind, beside and over you.. Under blanket of flesh we’re sleeping I colour inside the line of you Through my skin your veins are creeping I will die, I will die With desire I watch you.. And learn from your every move.. I'll die to touch you.. Until death will I try. What you waiting for now glow.. High Light is running low.. Tide I'll watch you.. Your shadow leads a glow.. The moon hails her thrown.. A Touch will leave.. Optimistic belief Music Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by Peter Nigido Additional Piano by James Leigh, Vocals by Peter Nigido Vocals Recorded by James Leigh Mixed and Co-Produced by James Leigh/Vince Leigh Mastered by Joseph Carra Pouring everything into his life-affirming melodies, Peter Nigido leaves no stone unturned in his search for musical nirvana. Provoking love, pain, hate and strength in equal measure; his productions are nothing but simplistic beauty and boundless creativity. After the recent divide of his band ‘Fathom and Fall,’ (whose accolades include supporting the Temper Trap) Peter turned in the drumsticks to front solo project, “Holding Hands With The Sun.” A graceful combination of acoustic harmonies and solid rhythms in pursuit of the ultimate soulful introspective. Currently working on his new album titled “The Art of Turning a Page” alongside Melbourne Producer's James and Vince Leigh (Pseudo Echo/ Vertigo); his artistic vision is completely unorthodox, refusing to be pigeonholed. A man of patience, Peter produced 'Holding Hands with the Sun' in 2006 and officially released the song with a clip in 2011. Peter is presently partnered with film director Steven Protuder and fashion photographer Christian Blanchard (known as Folie à Deux) to generate a short film to the long awaited new single ‘TOUCH’. (2013)



14 Feb 2013


Absolutely wonde...

Absolutely wonderful exploration of the human heart, spirit and soul in the most creative and musical way. Love it all, franca xxoo

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06 Feb 2013


THe music is gro...

THe music is growing in depth and is beginning to show the character that belongs to a special artist.

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22 Nov 2011


Kick arse song d...

Kick arse song dick. Live the dream brother live the dream.

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