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Zoe Osborne


NERO, Bjork


'Pfly' began late last year in the Sydney home of musician Zoe Osborne. Zoe had been studying a Bachelor of Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and was introduced to the electronic music spectrum at the close of her first year in the degree. She instantly fell in love and early this year chose to defer her degree so she could focus on her commercial music. Zoe studied extension music in the HSC, achieving a high band 6 in all units and having her composition 'Philosophy' performed in the 2012/2013 Encore exhibition of HSC top works. This piece, a 4 minute work for piano trio, is one example of her early classical work, and was part of her entry into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music the following year. Zoe has been learning piano since she was 4 and completed her AMEB grade 8 in year 10, proceeding to further studies in the instrument post-exams. She has won a number of national song-writing and composition competitions, among which are the ACMF National Songwriting Competition 2007, and the ACMF Best Classical Composer 2011. Zoe currently works as a piano teacher, and loves working with her 15 students of varying levels to further their own talent and interest in music. As an artist, Zoe chooses to work under the name 'Pfly'. Her signature sound is a strange, psychedelic mix of creamy vocals and a flutey synth designed in her DAW of choice, Logic Pro. Zoe produces all her music and likes to use sounds designed as much from scratch as possible, to give her music a unique feel. She also uses her own voice for the vocal aspects of her music, although she is currently involved in a number of collaborations with artists from her hometown and from the US and India, with the aim of creating more new and exciting music! Zoe names Flume as a key recent influence in her work, but attributes her choices in harmony, love of rhythm and belief in the value of new, interesting sounds, to her love of very diverse artists Bjork, Chairlift, and Maurice Ravel! Her classical background has definitely influenced her sound, and has enabled a more technically rich approach to composition. Zoe loves the clear structure and careful balance of Maurice Ravel's music, which is so classically precise whilst still having a distinctly magical, 'weird' edge due to his choice of harmony and instrumentation. Zoe has big dreams for 'Pfly' but first and foremost in her musical adventuring is the creation of good 'tunes'. She doesn't believe in writing for fame, but writes largely because she can't help it, and largely because to be able to create something which moves other people is such an amazing thing! Music is meant to be heard, and loved, and Pfly is in the money to do just that!