Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

cartoon music gone wrong, zappa meshuggah, dillenger escape plan, Mr Bungle, sleepy time gorrilla museum

band members

Aaron Weston-guitar,Luke Bacci-Bass,Dan Fox Smith-Guitar,Alex Burkoy-violin,Rob Brens-Drums,Michael Danne-clarinet,sax,Danny Richardson-percussion,Olaf Scott-synth,Susan Hull-flute & piccolo,Nic Glenie-trumpet. Conducted by Michael Armitage


carl stalling, stravinski, avantgarde music, Edgar varese, frank zappa


Phantom Panda Power Wizard Master Smasher A modern metal world music orchestra playing in time to old and new cartoons. Check out 'The brutal rabbit of seville' on youtube to hear it in time to the warner bros cartoon 'the rabbit of seville'.