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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Black Crowes, Powderfinger

band members

William Lebihan - Vocals / Bass Matthew Mikkelsen - Guitars Robert Penman - Drums


Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, The Band, Led Zep


Pharaohs Playground formed in the mid 90’s and were part of the infamous Target building community where they shared the neighbourhood with the likes of Powderfinger, Pangea, Regurgitator and the like. Pharaoh’s Playground is a band that enjoyed success via Triple J and toured extensively in a vibrant local scene, yet they remained an underground secret to those in the know.
The debut release of EP Forked Tongue (1995) saw Pharaohs Playground receive Triple J airplay with the title track championed by then Triple j DJ Costa Zouliou. The Track - Forked Tongue was in turn added to the 1996 compilation Triple j’s THIRTEEN. The bands second release Latitude (1997) continued to raise the bands profile resulting in a Rolling Stone review by Richard Kingsmill, more Triple J airplay and a reputation as one of Brisbane’s best live acts. The band toured the east coast extensively performing with such acts as Skunkhour, the Dreamkillers, The Divinyls, and was part of the now legendary Blowhard Boat Cruises.
Fast-forward to 2012 and Pharaohs Playground returned sounding as good as ever with album Many Hands. The album was well received, prompting Noel Mengel of the Courier Mail to suggest “They (Pharaohs Playground) have made the best record of their lives”
3 Days.. continues in a similar vein, the hard edge remains in spirit while the album focuses more on the song, a true presentation of band that’s grown up with its audience. The album is a genuine triumph for musicality and musicianship – from track 1 through to 12, Side A to Side B this new offering from Pharaohs Playground stands to add yet more admirers to the bands growing following.
Praise for Many Hands

To have a belly of the whale experience involves intense soul searching in the face of a very difficult task – the experience transforms your character, strengthens your resolve, and provides you with the courage and inner fire necessary to overcome serious obstacles.
And so it is that the latest release form Pharaohs Playgrounds is titled – 3 Days in the Belly of a Whale – ‘the most challenging project’ the trio has ever undertaken.
12 songs, recorded in 3 days, all live to tape via a vintage Neve console - no drop-ins or cut and paste, no auto tune ; songs recorded in their entirety, from go to woe, three guys in a room doing it – old school. In a similar vein to the David Grohl inspired Sound City project – 3 days in the Belly of a Whale celebrates all things analogue from the warm tape compression to the custom, hands on vinyl pressing and the excellence of the album cover artwork and design – this is a project the trio have been wanting to do for a long time.

They (Pharaohs Playground) have made the best record of their lives…..
A Stonesy/Black Crowes style groove – Noel Mengel Courier Mail