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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

Dallas Green, Junip, Jose Gonzalez

band members

Phil Dutton - (Vocals/Guitar) - (solo)


Matt Corby, James Blake , Jeff Buckley

Unearthed artists we like

Deligma , Rick Hollis


Phil Dutton, Is a solo artist currently living in Devonport Tasmania Australia. Originally from the Gold Coast Queensland. Solo acoustic music with a dark and moody style, Drowned in reverb, with an empty feel. Meaningful storytellings of love lost and life. Recorded purely on portable media, with a nylon classical, Double capo's and crazy tunings. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Dallas Green, Jose Gonzalez/Junip, James Blake, Jeff Buckley and Active Child. please feel free to share and also follow on all platforms for more info. ,, thanks for listening.



03 Nov 2013


The intro's...

The intro's overkill of vocal reverb was a shame. Compared to, 'Hurt the one you love' (a track that uses equilibrated reverb in combination with the guitar), this track is overkill. Nonetheless, you can say that Dutton is exploring different styles, which creates tracks with a wide musical variety. 'So softly we speak' has lovely a chorus, but this is comprised by the reverb mess. Nonetheless, this song has got strong character and an unique style and it's really not too shabby at all.

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03 Nov 2013


'Hurt the o...

'Hurt the one you love..' is moody, sullen and gloomy but so beautiful. Phil Dutton's track has some magnificent and peaceful guitar, delicious reverb singing intertwined within this dark track. As for the lyrics, they are very romantic and you can indisputably hear Dutton's vocal passion. The production quality is top-notch, as keeping that metallic twang of the guitar fits so well with the aforementioned reverb. 'Hurt the one you love..' is truly a great, soft yet dark track that is most certainly worth a listen.

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