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Electronic, Indie, Pop

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somewhere between fiest and frente

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Leah Avene


rickie lee jones, the lucksmiths, dan warner, ani difranco, adalita, antony and the johnsons, bjork



Philemon ( is a singer/ songwriter/ multi instrumentalist from Melbourne who weaves electric guitar with haunting vocals in her own brand of dark folk.

After a one year artist residency in 2013 Philemon, who writes on piano, cello and guitar, has found her niche with a Gibson Les Paul and a Strymon pedal.

Philemon is the solo project of Leah Avene, an artist born in the small pacific nation of Tuvalu and raised on the south coast of Australia. Philemon has become a unique blend of Celtic and Polynesian heritage.

Leah’s musical beginnings were pre verbal when she would lie in her mothers lap lulled to sleep by the thumping rhythms of the traditional fatele.

In her early teens she discovered the folksy sounds of traditional and contemporary singer songwriters, inspiring her to learn guitar and start writing songs.

The Philemon project has seen Leah move from traditional folk into a darker more sustained sound. This new direction began after a life-altering journey to the depths of depression and mental illness. The process of reconnecting with reality and finding a new way of existing became Philemon – named after a character from an ancient Greek myth. The project is an exploration of love, humility and darkness.

From country to tango to sustained electric, Philemon writes of connection, truth, hilarity and pain with warm honesty and dark humour.

Philemon’s debut ep FRAME was recorded in late 2013 at The Aviary Recording Studios by Fraser Montgomery. The Ep is being launched at THE TOFF on June 22nd. It features a remix by Melbourne composer ZED EPPELIN.