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Pop, Rock

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I ~ I, Me ~ Me, Mine

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Phill Raymond vocal/acoustic guitar - Mandolin/electric lead and slide guitar by all round mighty guy Ross Ward, the ethereal bass tones are created by John Harris with syn/drum by John Farrell. Three part harmonies by the Latex Ladies. Recorded at Johnnies Lizard Lounge. Ballina Australia. Words&Music PK Gottschalk


Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley (deceased), J Lennon (deceasd) ad infinitum


Acoustic / Electric Blues|Rock|Folk. Phill Raymond plays a variety of styles to accompany his original compositions. Mainly an Australian east coast resident he has played with and supported the likes of Ralph McTell (StreetsOfLondon), Paul Stookey (PeterPaul&Mary) and the late Andy Gibb on past tours downunder. Lived on an island in the central pacific 2001-2005 working out a set of songs, jamming with the local island reggae band, and drank copious amounts of cheap imported VB. Now back in Australlia to promote his material. Hope you enjoy the tracks, theres more around the corner. 'the beers dearer'.