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“Philly” (Phillip Murray) is an up and coming aboriginal rap artist from Mildura, VIC. He has been writing, performing and recording his own music since he was 13. Phillys lyrics are creative, powerful, positive and motivational. Philly also had what some friends say was “a challenging childhood.” He never met his father, was taken away from his mother and raised by an auntie before he was two, and lost his mum to cancer three years ago. “I was taken off her when I was 18 months old because they said she was unfit to look after me because of mental health issues,” he says. “But I would see her on weekends. My life would have been a lot harder if I was living with her, but she always told me I could do whatever I wanted with my life. “I lived with Aunty Bev and she’s been very important in my life. She’s always been a hard worker, she’s looked after so many kids. I really want to do something positive with my life, and I think a lot of that comes back to Aunty Bev cause she always told me not to do things just because other people are. “I don’t drink or smoke or swear or anything because I consider myself a bit of a leader with my peers. I just try to be my own person, and not worry about what other people are doing.” His friends and mentors say the determination to do things his way comes through in the lyrics of someone they describe as “a talented hip-hop rapper. In a genre known for its dark and often competitive lyrics, Philly brings a fresh optimism.” “There’s a bit of mellow stuff there but generally I just try to put down fun tracks that you can dance around to,” he says. There might have been some hard things in my life, but I haven’t grown up real hard, and I’m not trying to make out like I’m a gangster or anything.” Philly is currently working on his 1st album "Rookie Of The Year"