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Bliss and Eso, Muph, Trace Elements

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Philosophee - Mc


Australian Hiphop HipHop



Philosophee a solo mc since 2002, has slowly be getting recognition in his corner of australia. South east Queensland is yet to see a more "laid back" and on point rapper. Now Australia is accpeting hiphop more Philosophee will be a known name in no time. Producing his own tracks and lyrics he finds his content from life experiences and whats around him. Keep a close eye on this kid cause he will blow up very shortly. Supporting Big Acts Like "Bliss n Eso, Phrase, Revel8 and Trace Element" "This kid has the passion and purity to the music to provide his own legion of lyrical fire power that isnt ever a force to be under estimated" With the release of a mixtape in his home town, the local support has been amazing hes had the absolute pleasure of working with outstanding artist from the sunshine coast, Karizmatik who is moving his own at a turbo pace. Philosophee belives hiphop is all about keeping it real fully understanding we arnt a country flushed with the hiphop influence but he is doing all he can to keep a australian flow. Consistantly working on new material he has his hands in many projects to keep his most talented name moving through the hears of hiphop followers. Phil is working with a label called legicy Entertainment to produce a number of ear chilling tracks to circulate the underground, Such as Casanova on his myspace page with Lukay from Ghost Troop and the head man incharge of legicy Trip'n. Be sure to hit him up about the projects hes working on cause his style is changing everyday to shift to the local comercial scene.