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Sounds like

Emmure, Graves, Stories , Northlane, Black Tongue , Slaughter To Prevail

band members

Vocals - Kurt Taylor Guitar - Tay Tanglertsamran Guitar - Chad Shah Bass - Aden Stokes Drums - Jarrod Smith


In Hearts Wake , Hand Of Mercy , Slaughter To Prevail , Suicide Silence, Northlane , Graves, Stories , Emmure, The Acacia Strain, Veil Of Maya, Intervals


Pillager is a 5 piece Western Sydney Deathcore/Downtempo band formed in 2014. Including founding members Kurt Taylor on Vocals & Tay Tanglertsamran on Guitar, as of 2018 original former Atlantis Of The Sky members Chad Shah on Guitar & Aden Stokes on Bass and Dispossessed’s Jarrod Smith on Drums.
Upcoming EP to be released in 2019.