Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

The butterfly effect, Saliva, Nickelback

band members

Luke Bennett- Guitar, Todd Brownlow- Drums, Dave Webb-Vocals, Guitar, Rick Willison- Bass


Metallica, Lostprophets, In flames


Pilot is a new talent emerging from the Blue Mountains. They have been labelled a band of many genres, depending on who you ask. This is why they stand out. The band has an unmistakable sound which they use to their advantage. The shows are explosive from this four piece rock/punk/metal outfit. They have supported bands like, Magic Dirt, Gerlin, After the Fall, up and coming acts like Something With Numbers and The Panda Band, at The Annandale, CSU Bathurst and have headlined at venues like The Excelsior Glebe and The Harp Hotel. The band have been practicing, promoting and producing their music like crazy in the past months so check out the youngsters from the Mountains at a venue near you.