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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

band members

Vocals: Pina Tuteri Guitars: David Bleus Guitars: Nick Robertson Guitars: Ridge Moss Bass: Andrew Haszard Drums: Nathan Tuffin Drums: Kristian Popczyk


Mondo Rock, INXS, John Farnham, Split Enz, Icehouse, Australian Crawl, Little River Band, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Melissa Etheridge


Born in the late seventies in the northern parts of Melbourne, Victoria, Pina Tuteri was destined to enter the music world. Growing up amongst singing siblings and performing relatives, Pina soon immersed herself in music and instruments, with her preferred tool being the Guitar. She began writing original songs at the early age of thirteen showcasing natural abilities as a songwriter.
Pina's love affair with music is ranged far and wide and cannot be pinned to one style, proving that she has yet to find a genre for her music. Her fans have likened her sounds to that of INXS, Split Enz, Melissa Etheridge, all of whom have been major influences and inspiration to her musical journey thus far.
Pina is well known within the local Melbourne music scene. She began playing live shows from the age of eighteen, and was also involved in a variety of front and backend support roles with many other local bands and solo artists during her pub, and merchandise era.
In 2010, Pina teamed up with all star talent, David Bleus to commence recording in Studio Bleus, NSW. She released her first album ‘wonderyears…’ in 2012, where ten tracks from the album were later featured in, ‘monster pies,’ a movie which later won the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in 2013, and in result further exposed Pina’s raw talent globally via social media channels such as YouTube.
Pina Tuteri is a constantly evolving artist, one whom you must keep a very close eye on. Her current progress has seen her teaming up with her trusted crew named; ‘Pina Tuteri & The Tempest Bros.’ Now, a fully formed band, each is working hard, all collectively working towards the release of a single and an album titled: ‘Gale Force Wind’ due later this year. So be prepared to be blown away!