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Indie, Punk

band members

Hayley Foster - vocals/sax, Dave Heinrich - keys/vocals, Mike Jeffery - bass, Dirk Jonker - guitar, Kirsten Riley - drums

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Young & Restless


Spastic new wave punk reeking of some scary vaudeville B-movie soundtrack. We play fun shows and break things. We have played heaps of gigs, we like them, with such badness as Wolf & Cub, Snowman, Van She and Mercy Arms. Freaking out your little sister since 2005 - take us home and eat us. "Fucking fantastic" - Bigstereo "Like Frank Zappa if he started a cabaret garage-pop band" - Sydney Morning Herald "They're definitely onto something good... Already standing out from the huge piles of indie slop that's hanging around" - Hotpress "Everything punk rock should be, and can be" - Beat, Melbourne "Try to imagine being drawn directly to the front of a room by a stage musical with punk rock A.D.D. Instantly we were amazed as their frontwoman howled, poured and projected her show-stopping voice into our ears with enough 'cool' to snap freeze Fonzie's cucumber." - The Sandwich Club