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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Weezer, Foo Fighters, Mint Chicks, UMO, Beach Boys, Nirvana

band members

Paul Pouwels-Trumpour Shane Hellyer Dan Hoffman

Unearthed artists we like

Bench Press, Moody Beaches



Pipsy is a rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand, now based in Melbourne Australia. The band was founded by Paul McMillan - and named for his sobriquet within the Dunedin music community.

Coming out of the DIY Dunedin indie-pop music scene, Paul’s musical career has taken him across the world - from North America, to Australia, and on multiple tours of his native New Zealand. Paul has appeared on TV’s 7 Days, performed as an emerging artist at Brisbane festival Big Sound with pop-troubadours Males, and charted in the Top Ten in NZ as a producer (Bones 2014; Ceiling in the Sky 2015).

PIPSY drops the new single 'I Miss My Friends' October 31 in partnership with NZ On Air, via Melbourne/Dunedin label Warhammer Kid (AUS/NZ).

'I Miss My Friends' is the first single from full-length album Toronto, due out March, 2020. ‘I Miss My Friends’ showcases the band’s move to a heavier, more rock-infused sound, and will appear on the NZ On Air ‘New Tracks’ compilation in October.

‘I Miss My Friends’ explores interrelated themes of loneliness, cultural alienation, and depression - brought about by a move from the author’s native small town New Zealand to the sprawling metropolis of Melbourne, Australia in 2016. On the song these dark themes are contrasted with light and breezy pop melodies, and an uplifting maelstrom of rock guitars that brings the song to it’s zenith. This melancholic approach veils the sadness and isolation at the core of the song with a cheerful wink of optimism, and asks the listener to reflect on our longing for true friendship, a shared sense of family and community, and a relief from the sometimes relentlessly quotidian details of our working lives.

Lyric excerpts:
“I work, in the, city, everyday. I don’t think I’m very happy. You go, to Nikko, that’s so far away. I just sit here and I wonder…”
“Wake me up, I think I was dreaming… I miss my friends.”