Artist info



Sounds like

'70s Miles Davis, Mars Volta

band members

Joel Woolf- Sax, Shan Abey- Guitar, Ben Norvill- Bass, Tim Adderley- Drums


Rock, Progressive, Jazz


This Sydney-based four piece formed in 2007 with a musical mission to break out of the norm and push boundaries. Pirate forge a unique and fiery instrumental sound. They deliver an intense mix of vocals, guitar, bass, drums and an electronically treated saxophone (which thinks it's a guitar too). Pirate veer from slashing riffs to powerful ambience, charged with Aphex Twin screams and oblique melody. Maintaining defined song structures and grooves while challenging their artistry is always the priority within their collaboration. Their fusion of passion and technique results in music that is dynamic, fierce, spontaneous and sophisticated. Explosive and energetic, a live Pirate show has more power than an electrical substation. Ever seen a man scream through the bell of his saxophone amplified by five thousand watts? No? Didn't think so. A stand-out and sought-after act, their ever-growing fan base extends well beyond the prog-rock scene. The band continually play across Sydney's prominent venues, always to rapturous responses and demands for more. With a support resume including Floating Me, Closure in Moscow, The Crooked Fiddle Band, Behind Crimson Eyes and rave reviews from their performances at Progfest, Menagerie and ROAR, the word on Pirate is beginning to spread nationally. Pirate's debut album 'Left Of Mind' was released in September 2011. Not long after they were selected as main support for a tour with Floating Me. "Left Of Mind" received reviews from around the world, including being described in the German press as an "aggressive riff monster". It's available for purchase at: Pirate are currently writing their second album and will resurface later in 2012 for a brief tour before heading into the studio. With growing recognition and rapidly increasing support, Pirate captivate all who listen. Come aboard and embrace the storm. Upcoming Shows: TBA