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Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Girl Crazy, Camp Cope, Passive Smoke, Cable Ties, Maureen, Dilemmas

band members

♥ Scout guitar/vox ♥ Bianca drums ♥ Thomas bass ♥


x ray spex, patti smith, empat lima, chas n dave, mixed infants, the threw ups, shrimpwitch, ramones, velvets, hinds, crotch, the slits, crop top, courtney's barnet , RVG



Piss Factory began as the solo recording project of singer-guitarist Scout Albertine in the early 2010s in suburban Sydney. Albertine released three EPs and one album - a collection of acoustic recordings, sound collages, and drum-machine led punk numbers. When Scout moved to Melbourne in the summer of 2016 she fleshed out the band with Bianca (the Girl Fridas) on drums and Thomas (Made Austria, Burger Chef) on bass.

The band released a live album “Live at Primitive Whirlds IX” through You Need to Practice More Records in February 2017, followed by their self-titled EP through Psychic Hysteria in October 2017. Their last release was a split 7” with labelmates Hearts and Rockets - “377/Psychic Powers” in March 2018, encapsulating the band’s raw urgent energy, teetering on the edge and threatening to bubble over at any moment

With this release Piss Factory have harnessed that energy, and while the sound is less frenetic, still offers an underlying intensity. And while their last EP leaned heavily on garage rock, “Simplify” sonically explores the outer edges of Piss Factory’s punk inspiration, from the almost funk outro of “Bug” to the droning dissonant tones of “Convict” and the barebones chant of the title track’s chorus. As always, drawing inspiration from art and literature, Albertine’s lyrics range from sincere and heartfelt longings to tongue-in-cheek metaphors.

‘Simplify’ was recorded and mixed by Evelyn Morris at Rolling Stock Studios and mastered by Jonnine Nokes. Cover art by Scout Albertine.

The band returns for a special intimate launch night - their first show of 2019 - at the Burrow on Friday July 5 as part of Leaps and Bounds Music Festival with support from V, Cystic Nightmare, and Burger Chef.