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Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

The Third Sex, The Saints, The Slits, Maryanne Faithful, Patti Smith, X-Ray Spex, Nina Hagen, Siouxie and the Banshees, Sleater Kinney, The Gossip, Bikini Kill, B52's, Dead Kennedys, Kristen Hersh

band members

Sarah Blaby Zec Zechner Nicola Bell


The Gossip, Souisxie & The Banshees, Nina Hagan, Babes in Toyland, Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill, Divinyls, Dead Kennedys


Three-piece, Plaster of Paris have been throwing their oestrogen across Melbourne stages with unapologetically queer, feminist and D.I.Y. performances. The band personalised their brand of riot-grrrl punk, creating their own custom space in Oz rock. Showcasing slashing guitar riffs weaving around Zec Zechner’s powerhouse vocals channelling the maelstrom through a wall of danceable, hard-hitting drums and post-punk revival garage rock.
Revered as one of the best live bands on the Melbourne circuit, Plaster of Paris have graced the stages of Leaps and Bounds Festival, Brunswick Music Festival and Wetfest II, as well as Melbourne’s finest venues; The Tote Hotel, The Old Bar, The Espy and The Grace. International supports include: Screaming Females (USA), Le Butcherettes (Mexico), MEN featuring JD Samson (Le Tigre/USA) and other legends; Cable Ties, Majestic Horses (Bris), Kim Salmon, Claire Birchall and Moody Beaches.
Stylistically, the band have evolved their post-punk aesthetic bringing in guest baritone saxophonist, Maddy Mac to deliver the undertow, giving them a sound reminiscent of The Saints partying with Nina Hagan, with Morphine ordering the extra dirty martinis at the bar. Live, the band operate as a streamlined unit with Sarah Blaby's guitar lines flipping between chugging rhythms and infectious melodies as Nicola Bell tightens her grip on relentless grooves.
First single, Oh Wow/Newcomer was released in 2017 on limited edition 7-inch vinyl through Melbourne label Psychic Hysteria to a wave of positive reviews. Gathering this momentum, Plaster of Paris have been working on their anticipated, full-length album Lost Familiar, set for release through Psychic Hysteria in 2021. Recorded with Casey Rice and Paul Maybury, and mastered by Nao Anzai, the album builds thematically on Oh Wow/Newcomer single, doubling down on themes of body politics, climate denial, queer identity and states of physical and mental emergency.
Conceptually, Plaster of Paris draws from the personal is political worldview, employing strong themes that draw heavily on texturing layers of light and shade to present an emotional landscape. Lyrically, engaging listeners with humour, personas and visualised story telling, to describe non-linear life-paths. In the album’s closing track, Newcomer, gold rush colonial iconography is used to feminise male tropes of self-discovery favouring a female gaze.
“I am the newcomer, searching the dusty rows, riding the highs and lows, like I’m panning for gold, turning every precious stone. I am searching … Searching for my lost familiar.”
Likewise, Statues is a welcome farewell to old systems and institutions that no longer serve us, and the need for their dismantling. Danceflaw celebrates queer and inclusive safe spaces while Internalise unpacks the inbuilt defense mechanisms for safety in particular for female identifying and queer people navigating streets, parks and alley’s in their own neighborhoods. It questions ingrained self defense strategies with a refusal to be told it’s them that need to make better decisions.

Set to be released in 2021, Plaster of Paris’s album Lost Familiar is an epic rush from start to finish. Frenetic, raw, ferocious and funny and a statement piece showing Plaster of Paris is an important band in the Australian music landscape and a voice you won't forget any time soon.