Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

you am i, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Foo Fighter

band members

Jamie Lee Woodman - Vocals/Guitar, Russell Murchie - Bass, Lucy McKinnon - Drums


Rage Against The Machine, Powderfinger, Led Zep


Plastic Spaceman formed in 2011. Since then, they have headlined the largest venues in Melbourne including Cherry Bar, Yah Yah’s, The Espy and The Tote. This emerging group have not only brought the fans, yet they have also managed to get people up and dancing at every gig. Their groove is infectious, their tunes are catchy, and their songs are ones you take home with you. Plastic Spaceman’s captivating vision of blues rock fits them into any genre. This combined with a professional attitude, drawn from many years of experience between them, has resulted in a REMARKABLE on stage performance. Combined with costumes, aerial theatrics and crowd participation, this is one hell of a show! Not only dedicated hard rockers, Plastic Spaceman also like doing their part for the community. In 2012 this trio gave all the profits from their October shows to needy causes. This included an event that Plastic created themselves, called Rock for Catchment. This fundraiser donated 100% of profits to Catchment Youth Services, and raise $3100 for this deserving refuge. Since then Plastic Spaceman have been looking at better ways of contributing to society in 2013. If the catchy lyrics, creative bass lines, memorable riffs and hard hitting beats (from a gorgeous female drummer) are not enough… Then just go and experience the movement that is Plastic Spaceman. It’s not just the sound, or their entertaining performance on stage that gets you, it’s the heart that they put into every single song. With the release of their self-titled EP, 2013 is seeing big things for Plastic Spaceman. They have been described by bands and venues as being hard working, reliable and dedicated… This is shown from their progression in such a short period of time. So jump on board of the band wagon and be part of a true experience. Written by Jonas Hawk