Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Less Than Jake, Bluejuice, The Cat Empire

band members

Mathew Drogemuller - vocals and guitar Nathan Douglas Day - vocals and bass Patrick Mead - vocals and trumpet Andrew Gardner - guitar Joel Varsos - drums


Plasticine Army is a really amazing indie-alternative, ska-punk/funk influenced rock band. On stage they enjoy dancing, pretending to die, and providing valuable educational lessons about bears. They also enjoy winning Battle Of The Bands competitions. Sometimes they come second, but that's OK also. Having just recorded their debut album (available SOON!), they have now set their sights on global domination via the music industry. Failing that, they would be satisfied with a bag of hot chips, and a salad for Joel (he's watching his figure). Members include the sexiest man in the world, the man with the most adorable ears, the man with the stupidest beard, the man with one deaf ear, and the man who kissed another man on his birthday. Please allow them to indie-alternative-ska-punk-fuck-rock your WORLD!