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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

band members

Ben - vocals Sticks - guitar Sam - drums Tom - bass George - guitar


“The way you can project something through an instrument which you’re also in alignment with feeling as well and you’re just shooting it out- that is ultimate self-expression. “
Having launched themselves into the local music scene this quintet of brothers and best mates are truly making their mark in the industry. This is accredited to their electrifying set vibe and their exhilarating music, characterised by groovy rock n’ roll. Their music provides a lens through which the audience can gaze upon their experiences growing up in the chaotic, ‘Plastik’ world we know today. It further explores the boys journey through coming to terms with their own individual realities.
Birthed in the early months of 2018, the boys took the year as an opportunity to write and produce a set of layered, original songs and perfect them for live shows. Compromised of the generic format of dual guitars, bass, drums and a front-man, Plastik Reality is edgy garage rock n’ roll.
But this is just the beginning.
Continually writing and practicing with the aim of creating each song to transcend the last- the boys are excited to continue reaching new heights! Above all they’d just rather jam than anything else.
Cheers, bless ya and enjoy,
Plastik Reality