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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

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Adam Lagudi - Bass + Guitar + Bad Vocals, Andrew Wood - Drums + Vocals, Anth Anderson - Guitar solos, Joel Jakes - Good Vocals + spiritual dance. RIP - Luke Kingsley - 1987 - 2011


nofx, Black Flag, Frenzal Rhomb


In 2003 PLUS MANY MORE made the decision that they were sick of the dole and wanted to get paid to play music in a smoke filled downstairs room, consisting of Kingston, Gudi abusing the 5th stringed bass guitar and Woody hitting the drums. It hasn't always been easy sailing for this trio of musicians, with more than enough 2nd guitarists slipping through the ranks, each putting their own influence to the band. On the 28th May, 2011 PlusManyMore suffered the loss of their most important founding member. Luke 'Kingston' Kingsley. He committed suicide at his home in Cessnock, NSW. We still record and perform on a irregular basis to keep his memory and legacy alive.