Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

dallas crane, Oasis, the beatles

band members

Damian Cafarella - guitars/vocals, Raz - Bass, Chris Collin - Drums


dallas crane, Oasis, the beatles


Polar Disco formed early 2006. In this short space of time the band has written and recorded their first EP and played many well attended and well received shows in some of the countries best venues. Their debut EP, titled "honey" will be released independently by the end of 2007. The disc, which was recorded by legendary Melbourne producers Craig Harnath and Finn Keane, features 4 original tracks that were written by the band within 2 months of being together. One of the discs songs (titled "which way's home") has been selected to be included on a Retro League Records compilation disc that will be distributed both here and in the UK. Polar Disco have also built a reputation as being a solid live act, having played some of the best venues in Melbourne (the espy, revolver, rob roy, etc) and with some of the countries best bands (the getaway plan, horsell common, angelas dish, responder). Keep an eye open for Polar Disco's debut release 'honey' and be sure to catch them wont be disappointed.