Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Augie March

band members

Lucas Jones (Guitar/Vocals) Daniel Ferguson (Bass/Vocals/Keys) Will Koder (Guitar/Vocals) Shaun O'Brien (Percussion) Simon Tait (Guitar/Vocals/Keys)


Pink Floyd, Beatles, Niel Young


Polar Sounds are a five piece rock outfit based in Melbourne. Prior to 2005 the band was gigging regularly in Melbourne (under the moniker Lagerphone) with bands such as The Cassanovas, Jet and The Meanies, to name a few. With an additional member joining in late 2004, the band concentrated on recording and writing throughout 2005 with great emphasis placed on quality of songs and arrangement. Polar Sounds influences include Radiohead, David Bowie, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Neil Young. With "its all about the song" as their motto, Polar Sounds strive to deliver well constructed and memorable songs.