Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

ball park music, you am i, sticky fingers, regurgitar, foo fighters, the killers

band members

Lachlan Parsons - Guitar, Stuart Higlett - Guitar/Vocals, Kieran Parsons - Bass, Ben Rogers - Drums


VAST, silverchair, sticky fingers, radiohead, tool, You am I, Regurgitator, Smith St Band, The killers, Ball Park Music, Violent femmes and seww many more.

Unearthed artists we like

At the Dakota, FnR



Pole Top Rescue burst onto the darwin music scene in 2012. Soon they were performing sold out shows as the headlining act and being supported by emerging artists like:Regurgitar, Calling all cars & Smith St Band 'Jokes brus'. They were the support for these legendary outfits.
So who are these clowns:

Stuart Higlett Lachlan Parsons Kieran Parsons Ben Rogers

The lads have a knack for writing hooky, feet stompin, head nodding tunes. They are of the 'indie rock' variety, but not another 'shit indie rock band'. With their next release due in mid 2017 stay tuned for another taste of pole... Check out the lead single 'Say you want to' now available to stream and download right here.