Artist info


Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Bonobo, Rusko, Broken Social Scene

band members

Jess Dešković


Mux Mool, Bonobo, Victor Wooten

Unearthed artists we like

Flume, Matt Corby


Jess Deskovic born In Australia, currently lives in Beijing, China as an expatriate. Under 'Bambi' I produce electronic dance music such as moombahton, dubstep, post-dubstep, house and glitch. Under 'Polhov' I record and produce more acoustic, sampled and electronic ambient music. Began at the age of 14 by DJ-ing, progressing onto producing my own house music then moving into genres such as moombahton, and dubstep. At 16 I began to produce ambient electronic music. I play the acoustic, electric and bass guitar, sing, play double bass and compose.