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Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Cubist / Post-pop / Combat Disko

band members

Adam Phase - vocals n stuff, Gabriel Crossan - other stuff


Every song ever


Following the release of their 'Tokyo Getaway' and 'We Have A Visual' EPs, and remixes of tracks by the likes of Cut Copy and Human Life, Polygon Palace went A.W.O.L. The sheer pressure of writing bios and having to describe their sound to interviewers caused the duo – Gabriel Crossan and Adam Phase – to break up the band. Citing physiological differences they went their separate ways, which coincidentally led them to the same place. After starting rival K-pop bands and touring relentlessly, they found themselves playing the same dates in North Korea. Determined to outdo each other, they blew their entire budgets on elaborate stage shows, leaving themselves stranded with nothing but giant robotic bears and four tons of plastic cats' ears. In a desperate bid to flog the remaining merch, the duo set aside their differences to produce an epic album of leftfield electropop: Polygon Palace's 'Sunburnt Shadows', their last hope for escape. Polygon Palace – 'Sunburnt Shadows' out now on Escapade Records.


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

17 Jan 2012

Triple J

Undeniably infec...

Undeniably infectious. Love the sound of that bassline.

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Reviewed by Nina Las Vegas Nina Las V...

17 Nov 2011

Triple J

Firstly! Nice co...

Firstly! Nice colour blocking in the press shot... I love the flow of the instrumentation in this track! Cool stuff.

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04 Nov 2011


Just heard it on...

Just heard it on Unearthed Radio. I had the volume down low on the no good work speakers so I cant say much, except I liked it! Matt - Unearthed Profile: Noise Legion

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