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Electronic, Pop

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Tom Fawkner


CharliXCX, Bladee, Ecco2k


Ponzi - aka artist/songwriter/producer Tom Fawkner is a 20 year old artists based in Perth, Western Australia. His earlier works (as seen on his debut E.P. “Before I was Grey”) drew strong influence from his hometown in rural Northern Territory with a carefree, Lo-Fi indie rock sound reminiscent of his teenage years growing up in the bush.

In 2021 Ponzi relocated to Perth. Here, inspired by this new environment and lifestyle, his sound and brand morphed into the heavily electronic, highly pop-influenced outlet it is as of today.

Ponzi is not afraid of reinventing himself and his sound as proven in the past. However catchy ear worms, honest lyrical content and an innocent child like essence string his bodies of work together as a cohesive look into the blooming growth of Tom Fawkner.