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Pop, Rock, Roots

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Have, A, Listen

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Simon Dodd - lead vox-guitar, Pete "Smokey" Dawson bass-vox,- vox,Bill Politis elec git - vox, Greg Charles -min kit


All, Good, Music


President Roots are an alt-country, folk-rocking blues outfit of smile-inducing consequence. Their debut album Migration, distributed by Vitamin Records, was released to critical acclaim in June 2009. More recently the band released their Shark Den Blues EP recorded at Sorrento footy club. The song Gods Waiting Room, taken from this EP, hit the number one spot for several weeks as the most played track on Australian Community Radio. In 2011 the band had the pleasure of rocking out at the Queenscliff Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival and Between the Bays Festival as well as undertaking an east coast tour. With killer songs and cool grooves ‘The Roots’ are sure to make a big impression in 2012 with their second full length release Feelin’ Fooled ready to hit the airwaves this March. “You guys sound mighty good. “ Tommy Ramone ( Founding member of The Ramones, Uncle Monk)


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

09 Sep 2009

Triple J

A quality rollick. You've got a new fan in me.

A quality rollick. You've got a new fan in me.