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Electronic, Dance

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I have no idea anymore

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Julian Roper


LCD Soundsystem, Bibio, Gorillaz

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My Catalyst , Console Warriors , Squattingbear


Presidio is Julian Roper, a young guy from Adelaide, South Australia, who makes an eclectic and diverse mix of unique Electronica, Dance and Alternative music that tends to evolve with each release. // Presidio was created to vent music that didn't confine to any particular genre. The self-taught sound production gives Presidio an individual and vivid sound, as Roper's soundscapes echo a disconnection to the world. With an ever-growing list of influences and a live show being developed, It will probably be weird, but it will definitely be unique. Only releasing singles every-now and then Presidio is slowly crafting and recording their illusive EP, which is set to launch --- whenever I damn feel like it. Facebook - Soundcloud - Bandcamp - Youtube - Twitter -


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

13 May 2013

Triple J

Reckon this song...

Reckon this song doesn't even need those samples. It's a gentle little gem on its own.

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Reviewed by The Aston Shuffle The Aston ...

25 Apr 2013

Triple J

Being the massiv...

Being the massive Bibio fans that we are, I had high expectation when I played this track but WOW... It's amazing! Cant wait to hear more!

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Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

16 Apr 2013

Triple J

Love the tones a...

Love the tones and maudlin dance melody. If that's even possible. Seems like your project's growing really naturally and I can feel it getting somewhere great. Cheers to that Presidio.

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