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Sarah Bock - vox, keys, sequencer and Sarah Davies - vox, keytar, laptop


Presseject are sarah davies (vocals, keytar, laptop) and sarah bock (vocals, nordlead, electribe). We formed in early 2006, originally with a more extended line-up including patzy black on bass who co-wrote the songs on the *.pop cd. Other original members were liz smith (drums) and jo daniell (vocals) who co-wrote phase71 and converter. We all met through the scooter collective - a chick-run DIY music collective in sydney which puts on regular gigs for local, interstate and international girl musos. Since then, presseject have developed their sound into the current electronic queer upbeat noise pop genre that we just invented so that we could try and say what we sound like. :) In 2007 we headed overseas and took some time out to write songs, play gigs and generally act cool in places like Singapore, Berlin, Leipzig and Amsterdam. We had an amazing time, playing with bands like minipli225, queen kong and the suicidal birds. Now we're back in oz and we're going straight to number one. See you there.