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Punk, Rock



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band members

Frany - bass, Dave - drums, Al - guitar, Trevor - guitar & vocals.

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Magentaline, Young & Restless


Situated in Melbourne, Australia Pretext is a band that will not be defined by genres or by a particular sound. Their music speaks for them. Having played venues such as The Tote, The Espy Public Bar, The Arthouse, Pony, Revolver and The Green Room, each member brings his own flavour to the mix. Trevor, Frany, Dave(ex Heartfeltself) and Al share a wealth of experience in life and music, which crafts the bands music. From the screams in “A Darkened Day” to the soaring chorus of “With wings…” and "The Backup Plan", each song tells a different story. Having shared the stage with bands such as, Envy Parade & Lost In Line (NSW), Line Of Departure (SA),Magentaline, The Restless Words (WA), MDK, The Gun Runner's, JJJ's come together festival winners Waterview (NSW), and recently Kiai Academy & Bagster. The band puts on a powerful live show, be it full band or acoustic. With the band recording a new demo themselves, future Split and E.P and interstate shows in the works, 2008 is the year that Pretext will resurface a stronger and more confident band.