Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

The Church, sonic youth, Broken Social Scene

band members

Ed Sharp-Paul, Terry Mann, Don Cameron, Matt O'Brien, Brendan Ansell


Built to Spill, The Triffids, pavement


Pretty Strangers sound like what they are; a talented group of Melburnians with a knack for hooks and a more-than-casual grasp of young adult ambivalence. Their songs tumble forth, all chiming guitars and gilded melodies, with propulsive rhythms that tug at the hips and the heart all at once. This is gift-wrapped indie pop that touches on past greats whilst remaining unmistakably of-the-moment, shot through with sentiments of hope, innocence, and loss. Pretty Strangers launch their 2nd EP, Holloway, at The John Curtin Bandroom on August 27th, with support from Patinka Cha Cha, Daylight Braves and Dancing Heals.