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Mason Bunt - Vocals Liam Fowler - Guitar Joshua Cory - Bass/Vocals

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DREGG, Ambleside


After finding their feet and learning to run shows in their hometown of Mount Gambier in South Australia, three out of four members relocated to the city of Melbourne in the hopes of being inspired by it. They were, and went on to release their debut EP Natives and following it up with a fairly packed out year on the road. Since then, the guys have found themselves touring all around Australia in hopes of delivering a vicious live show and connecting with the people they meet along the way. Pridelands' 2016 single 'Coalesce' marks a point of maturation for the heavy-hitting quartet. 'Battery City', the latest single by Pridelands shows a darker and more brooding side, paving the way for more honest, less diluted work. The newer lyrical themes follow patterns of guilt, paranoia and personal crisis and set the tone for the future of the band.