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Primary Source

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Louis Vive & Aorta


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Primary Source Bio Louis Vive and Aorta have been tight friends and collaborators for over 10 years. What started as school yard raps and local ciphers after school and at partys soon led the two to decide to take their passion for this hip hop culture further. The boys rein from two different ends of the spectrum one a tradesman qualified in roof tilling and the other a psychology student at university, both bringing strikingly different flavors to the mix merging seamlessly to create the unique sound that is ‘Primary Source’. The boys take aim in building a sound that is both distinctly underground but also accessible to the ear with the party vibe that Australian hip hop is renowned for. Born from middle class backgrounds the boys are self educated in the arts from hip hop to philosophy and well equipped with street smarts and perseverance. Primary Source are advocates for all things underground with an emphasis on lyricism and quality ‘influenced by the likes of the Arsonists to Binary Star, Lewis Parker to Def Wish Cast, Warren Zevon to AC/DC and giving strong support to female artists such as A-Love and Lauryn Hill. A universally cultured view on hip hop sees the boys listen to hip hop from across the globe with a love for all the interconnecting elements that devise the culture and lifestyle they lead. Defined by a focus on superior beat selection and complex wordplay that is both technical and yet easily accessible, PS are out to push the boundaries of the English language exploiting syntax and cadence to push a message that we don’t have to dumb it down or commercialize to garner respect and reach people. Down with local Mc’s, Dj’s and producers, Primary Source are working hard at defining a sound that is quite possibly missing from the scene as we know it. The future is bright for these hungry Mc’s. Keep your ears to the street….. The Squadron’s in town