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Rock, Indie

band members

Dave Cathcart - Drums, Lucas Hopgood - Guitar + Vocals, Micheil Cathcart - Vocals + Bass


While their name is teasingly deceptive, there’s no mistaking the furious energy of these endearing Brisbane boys. With a smorgasbord of influences, a sense of adventure and a desire to make aural love to strangers of all shapes and sizes, Princess Rodeo are ready to rock and eager to please. Their debut EP ‘Naked Under White Light’, premiered at #2 on 4ZzZ Radio’s TOP 20 New Releases and has been gaining airplay on community radio, with their first single ‘It Means Nothing’ quickly becoming a popular request. The single was also selected to feature on AMRAP’s ‘Fresh From Queensland’ Sampler CD, further establishing its appeal. A successful EP launch at The Globe Theatre, and various gigs in and around Brisbane, including the Bass for the BASE Festival in Toowoomba and a support slot for Diana Anaid, has kept Princess Rodeo busy on the live music scene. With an enthusiasm that is palpable and tunes that inspire audience interaction, the boys thrill and amuse, an infectious dynamic that promises to charm.