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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Interpol, Lace Curtains, Julian Casablancas

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Oliver Badman - guitar, vocals, Bobby May - lead guitar, Mitchell O'Gorman - bass, Jason Wong - drums.


blur, Harlem, Arctic Monkeys


Pun enthusiasts and revellers of Purple Rain, Prints are an indie rock quartet formed in Sydney, Australia in 2010. Their sound is heavily influenced by 70's British Invasion, post-punk revival, and guitar-driven Baroque Pop. Following two years of extensive rehearsals, Prints made their long-awaited live debut in April 2012. Bio: Founding members Oliver Badman (guitar, vocals), Bobby May (guitar), and Jason Wong (drums) originally played together as a trio in high school at Marist College Kogarah. However, having burnt out on music during their HSC year, the trio, joined by fellow ex-classmate Mitchell O'Gorman (bass), decided to pursue Olympic glory in squash, hoping to be the first to win gold for Australia at London, 2012, in the Men's quadruples. After two years of rigorous training the foursome were devastated to find squash was neither an Olympic sport nor was it played in a 4v4 format due to the potentially fatal health and safety risks. Turning their backs on the sport, the four returned to music. While Mitch had never played bass before, the short run of guitar lessons he had in his early teenage years made learning the bass guitar a process he likened to the transitioning of racquet sports,"if you're half decent at tennis, you can potentially be world class at squash: it's less popular and overall much easier. It's the exact same with the bass." With Mitch quickly picking up the bass guitar, Oliver, Bobby and Jason dusted off the cobwebs from their respective instruments and found themselves writing songs together at a relentless pace. Adopting the name 'Prints', purportedly for it's originality (these guys really need to do their homework), the band made their live debut in April, 2012 and have been gigging regularly since. And the rest, they say, is history … a short history that will be subsequently outlined. In August, 2012, Prints recorded four demos at A# Sharp Recording Studios in Riverwood. In October, 2012, Prints made the controversial decision to retrieve and utilise their old squash promotional photos as band photos for the purpose of saving money and acting as a constant reminder of their consistently misguided persistence in areas where success is literally impossible.


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

05 Apr 2013

Triple J

You can hear the...

You can hear the promise in here. Tightly wound guitars recall Albert Hammond Jr and the skinny jackets of the early '00s. A band to keep an eye/ear on.

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