Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Interpol, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Talking Heads

band members

Ollie, Bobby, Jess, Mitch


Blur, Harlem, Arctic Monkeys

Unearthed artists we like

VACATIONS, Matrick Jones, Benefits, Dom Kelly//, Dual Point


The best way to describe the music of Prints Familiar is to sit down with some qual headphones or speakers and listen through and decide for yourself. Because like any band that are trying to push the pop-music envelope by a degree or two infusing fresh sounds with interesting songwriting, you cant really pin them down to just the one genre, or a couple of words, such as Garage Disco, which funnily enough would be the best two words to best describe their new sounding EP 'Man's Search For The Moment' (if you had to reduce the music to just two words as is sometimes the case). Otherwise you'd spend all night arguing with your best mate whether PF are more post-punk than 60s garage rock, more indie than pure pop etc etc. These often dangerous situations have a tendency to break up long-lasting friendships, but any long term damage can be avoided if you just keep listening, together, to Prints Familiar, checking out their back catalogue of 2 EPs (Some People Will Listen To Anything, 2015, and Recently Searched, 2016) and maybe catching one of their frequent live shows which are like, the epitomy of what a good, local live show should be. Truckloads of fun and entertainment.

Oh, Thanks for reading all of this too, our songs aren't as stream-of-conscious-esque as this; this was meant to be an artist bio - but then again what artist worth their salt doesn't play with form?

New Single out mid Jan: Find Your Dark Corner
New EP out mid March: Man's Search For The Moment
Shows on their way.